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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is preparing to commence HVAC renovations for Side Creek Elementary, an Auror

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS will furnish and install new mechanical roof top units after an extensive demolition of five (5) existing penthouse structures. Side Creek Elementary will be upgraded with DDC controls, thermostats and VAVs. In order to energize the new mechanical equipment, a new and larger transformer will be installed including secondary service and switchboard.

MWGC will renovate the building entrance including new storefront, entrance, metal soffit and wall panels, metal roofing and a trench drain system. The interior Atrium will be updated with interior gypsum and a fresh coat of paint. Renovated landscaping is accomplished and pictured here.

MWGC has constructed a large number of projects for Aurora Public Schools and LKA Partners. Work will be accomplished by July 31st, 2011 and on this $1.6 million dollar project.

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