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Hartsel Ambulance Station awarded to MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS

The South Park Ambulance District has chosen MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS to build their new ground up 5,600 sq ft single story ambulance station located in Hartsel, CO. The $1.65 million station will include living quarters for 4 EMT staff members, staff kitchen and dining space, small clinic space including waiting room and one exam room, and a vehicle bay to house 2 ambulances.

Landscaping around the exterior of the building will showcase trees and grasses native to South Park. The need for a new ambulance station comes due to the increased human traffic the county has seen over recent years. The district covers almost 1,500 square miles, so the addition of the station will allow South Park Ambulance District to more quickly respond to calls.

The new ambulance station is set to be completed by Spring 2020 and design is currently being finalized with Davis Parnership Architects.

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