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Before MWGC

Mike Golden began working in the construction industry part-time during the summer before high school in 1965. He worked for his dad's company, Rex Golden Carpenter. Upon completion of high school, Mike enrolled at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. He continued to work construction part-time while in college to pay for his education. Shortly after graduating from Bradley University in 1973, Mike took a position as Office Engineer for Blount Brothers Corporation in Montgomery, AL. Within the first year of being at Blount Brothers, Mike was promoted to Superintendent. After a couple trips to the Mountain West area, Mike decided he wanted to make Colorado his home. So in 1979, he moved to Denver to work for Weaver Construction. While working for Weaver, Mike was involved in the construction of the Johnson Memorial Tunnel. In 1982, Mike and three of his construction acquaintances started Wedge Corporation. Mike was involved with Wedge for a short period before deciding to start MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS.

The Beginning

On November 8, 1984, Mike Golden, along with his wife, Pam Golden,  founded his construction company in the small town of Castle Rock, Colorado. As a boy working beside his dad on construction sites, he was inspired to help others build upon their dreams. Business was difficult at the start, as MWGC was mostly doing consulting for bonding companies until 1986. Mike's first desk was a wood door on top of a couple of file cabinets in his basement. But this rough start did not dissuade Mike from following his vision of running his own successful company. It was in 1986 that MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS was awarded their first bid project. It was one year later that MWGC was honored with the Outstanding Contractor Award form Corps of Engineers, Omaha District. Two years later in 1989, Mike landed MWGC their first $1 million job, an Addition on the Haxtun High School. 

Building Upon Previous Success

Several years later, in 1995, MWGC moved to a new office location to better suit the growing company. It was 4 years later that we received our first ASA/C General Contractor of the year award (we've won six more since). It was after this that MWGC took off. In 2001, we completed the Douglas County Events Center; and in 2004, MWGC was inducted into the ASA/C Colorado Hall of Fame. 

MWGC Today

Mike's son, Jason Golden, is leading the way for MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS today. Jason is known for the same attention to detail and hard work as Mike before him. Today, more than 36 

years later, MWGC is still known for the honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship we bring to every project. We have a deep feeling of affection for the Colorado Community, as we have called Colorado home for 38 years, and will continue to do so for many more years to come. 

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is a general contractor located in Castle Rock, Colorado
Construction, CM/GC, Design Build, General Contractor, Colorado, Castle Rock
MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS, general contractor, Castle Rock, Colorado, design build, construction
MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is a general contractor located in Castle Rock, Colorado
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