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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS Breaks Ground on Block 11 Employee Housing in Breckenridge

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS (MWGC) is proud to announce that the Block 11 Workforce Housing project is now under construction in Breckenridge, CO. The apartments will be utilized by the Town of Breckenridge for employee housing.

The site is adjacent to the Denison Affordable Housing buildings that were completed in 2018. Block 11 will be composed of three, 3 story buildings with 9 units in each. The floor area of each building will have 5,665 square-feet of residential and 1,228 square-feet of common space. All apartments will have one bedroom.

A unique aspect of this project is the fact that each building will be net-zero, which means that it will generate as much energy as it consumes. Net-zero efficiency will be achieved by solar panels adorning the south facing roof to maximize sun intake. This will be the second project MWGC and the Town of Breckenridge have partnered on in as many years.

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