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MWGC utilizes Procore for all aspects of the construction process, from estimating to project closeouts. All information utilized in the estimating and preconstruction services is automatically linked between Smartbidnet and Procore.  

The prime contract and all subcontracts will be distributed and issued with Procore. This allows for seamless communication, easy tracking, and a sound document control program for owners, designers, and the construction team.

Project drawings and specifications are stored and managed within Procore. It is a contractual requirement between MWGC and our team of subcontractors and suppliers that all site foremen have access to Procore on the project site. Drawings and Specifications will only show the most recent plan view first. Access to all previous versions of drawings are accessible and Procore scans each drawing revision showing all new information highlighted in green, and deleted information highlighted in red. This ensures that current contract documents are in the hands of our team in the field.

Submittals are likewise run through Procore and are tracked by specification number. This enables all team members to easily access all pending and approved submittals during the construction project. Submittal requested response times are tracked, and are easily shown, and quantity approved and outstanding.  

Application for Payments and Schedule of Values are accessible to the project team, and will be processed monthly. Application for payments are converted from the schedule of values in Procore to an AIA G702. Observations are made daily showing corrective items and assigning them to the appropriate subcontractor or team member. This gives, and hopefully eliminates punch list items. If items do end up at the end of the project on the punch list, all items will be shown with notation on the drawings, photos of items that require correction, and the date in which they were competed with completion photos.  

Procore is an integral part of our project management approach to our projects. The program is easy to use and allows for a self-taught approach. As owners, architects, owner’s representatives, engineers, or any other team member, there is a 10 to 20-minute video that will show you how to use the program effectively. MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS likewise can easily show and teach all team members how to use the program in our project kick off meeting, or answer any questions daily. The program is compatible with any computer, tablet and cell phone. This allows for all team members to be as engaged in the project as they would like to be.  

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS strives to make the projects construction experience as easy as possible for all team members. We strongly believe that the addition of this tool, has made all project team members experience easier and the complete access to all project information accessible at your fingertips.

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