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Buddhist Meditation Hall Breaks Ground in Morrison

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS recently broke ground on a new Buddhist Meditation Hall in Morrison for Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery. Abbot Tinh Man invited MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS, along with hundreds of other guests to the groundbreaking ceremony in late July to commemorate the project’s start. The planned two story 12,897 square-foot temple will serve to better accommodate their followers who have grown in numbers over the years.

The project will incorporate arched Glulam trusses spanning 50 feet across the Meditation Hall with Glulam beams throughout. Unique Vietnamese designed sloped roof trusses will have an upturn at roof hip locations and Terra Cotta steel shingles. Massive concrete foundations will serve as monk quarters, a yoga hall, teaching hall, and cafeteria. A 70 foot wide staircase will lead visitors into the temple.

The Meditation Hall will be built into the side of a mountain and include stucco and stone veneer. This will help this beautiful temple blend in seamlessly with its surrounding environment. The current landscape of the monastery has been constructed by Tinh Man with the help of members and other monks. An amazing granite walkway in the hillside that leads you to marble statues and amazing views of the foothills is a sight to behold.

At this time, construction will be a core and shell build only, with Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery raising funds via donations as the project progresses. Any donations made to Compassionate Cloud Dharma Monastery will allow for the interior buildout to the Meditation Hall Expansion Project and the Monastery's continued work and ministry. All donations will go directly towards the Meditation Hall Project.

Donations can be made here.

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