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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is completing life safety upgrades to the Central Classroom Building at the A

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS' work on the Auraria Campus includes the addition of fire sprinklers and other life safety upgrades to an existing three-story office and classroom building.

The sprinkler installation on the first floor was executed on a second shift to accommodate multiple contractors and trades in the same space and work day. An existing data/server room is being protected by a pre-action sprinkler system that insures the sprinklers cannot be accidentally activated without activation by redundant heat and smoke detectors.

MWGC coordinated daily after-hours work in professors’ offices with the owner’s moving company to ensure each office was available during normal business hours. Work proceeded during the summer months on a normal schedule; however, when students returned to class three weeks ago, work was moved to off-hours to minimize disruption to the learning environment.

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