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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS announces the Grand Opening of the EPIC Sky Trek Challenge

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS announces the grand opening of their recently completed EPIC Sky Trek Challenge at Philips S. Miller Park in Castle Rock, Colorado.

The Sky Trek is a hexagon-shaped adventure challenge, measuring 100 feet in diameter and standing 50 feet high. The Sky Trek is an aerial trekking course with three full levels, featuring over 110 challenging elements. Designed in Germany and fabricated in Canada, the EPIC Sky Trek is a platform for groups of any size.

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS laid the foundation, completed all of the site grading, concrete trails, gravel trails and seeding needed to properly build the Sky Trek. “This was a challenging project,” said Mark Ziegler, Project Manager at MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS. “Since the structure was a hexagon, it was a complicated layout that was all angles.”

“The finish grade underneath the trekking tower is sloped to create the presence of being higher off of the ground on the East side,” Adam Alexander, Safety Officer and Senior Estimator at MW GOLDEN, explained. “The sloping grade created a challenge since most of the 19 footings and columns were different heights; we still had to maintain the top of the column at a perfect 100-foot elevation.”


MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is an award-winning firm that has been providing professional construction services throughout Colorado’s Front Range and mountain towns for more than thirty years. We take pride in building some of the state’s most recognizable schools, fire stations, libraries and other local and regional landmarks, as well as a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings, each project expertly designed and built to establish a sense of place in its respective community.

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