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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS completes New City and County of Denver Fire Training Simulator Design Build

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS, of Castle Rock, has successfully completed the City and County of Denver’s new Fire Training Simulator.

The new six story steel tower was constructed alongside an existing five story training tower. The two towers are connected at the third and fifth levels with slip connections, which allow the two buildings to move independently, accommodating for such forces as wind.

The new enclosed tower includes training features such as a burn room, a residential training room, and an industrial training room. The residential and industrial training rooms allow the fire department to simulate conditions fire fighters experience in the field, giving them situational experience in a controlled environment.

Smoke generators and prop furniture and appliances complete the simulated environment for the fire fighters. The $1.6M project broke ground in December 2014 and is being delivered on budget and on time.

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