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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is working with Castle View High School's senior internship program

Below is an essay that MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS' intern completed for his course.

What differentiates high schools from each other? What makes one high school better from another? Well, at Castle View High School the thing that separates them from the others, is their willingness to help every student and their determination to not only get their students to graduate, but to leave high school with an idea of what they want to make of themselves. Every teacher is unique and provides a wealth of knowledge to their students, and the staff at Castle View is as hardworking and dedicated as they come.

One of the ways that CVHS demonstrates their integrity is through their senior internship program. Through this program students are able to do volunteer work in a professional business. This opportunity provides students with knowledge they cannot obtain at high school and a feel for what they may want to do later in life. I participated in the senior internship program because I had no clue what I wanted to pursue in college. Essentially I told the internship coordinator that I liked to build things, so I was placed at MW Golden Constructors.

Here, I observed architectural drawings, calculated and estimated the cost of materials for projects, learned about the submittal log and process, helped establish a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for a project, and many more things. I was even able to go onsite to a project MW Golden was working on, and compare the architectural drawings to the actual building. I learned where new renovations would take place and what objects would get demolished. Being able to see a project before any work is started, see it progress, then see the result of everyone's hard work when it is finished, is fascinating. I even attended the ground-breaking ceremony, which marked the beginning of construction on the project.

The staff at MW Golden are a delight as well, they are energetic people rich in personality and are always willing to help me. I have integrated myself into their company so much, that they invited me to their Christmas party, where I unexpectedly stood up in front of everyone and gave a short speech in which I expressed my gratitude towards MW Golden Constructors.

My internship at MW Golden has been a wondrous experience and I now plan on pursuing an education in construction management, thanks to my experience at MW Golden. The CVHS senior internship program is just one of the many ways Castle View aids their students in high school.

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