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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS recognized as Accredited Quality Contractor

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS has been named an "Accredited Quality Contractor" by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) for its demonstrated commitment in four key areas. These areas are worker safety, benefits, training and community involvement. MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS was presented with the AQC plaque by the Rocky Mountain of Associated Builders and Contractors.

The award recognizes the high degree of employee commitment at MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS. At all levels, Accredited Quality Contractors are focused on quality both on the job site and in civic activities.

Mike Golden, President, has shown the public that MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive environment for employees by providing the skills needed to work safely and productively on the jobsite. MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS is also committed to taking an active role in the community in which we live and build.

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