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MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS Co-Hosts The National Parks: America's Best Idea Documentary Series

MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS co-hosted the release of The National Parks: America's Best Idea documentary series with the National Parks Conservation Association and The Colorado School of Mines. The PBS series premiered on Sunday, September 27. MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS' 24-year commitment to the preservation of nature has included incorporating sustainable building ideas and environmentally responsible business practices. As frequent visitors, patrons and supporters of the National Park Service, the opportunity to co-host the documentary series aligned with our corporate mission of sustainable education and participation in protecting our planet's wonders.

Ken Burns has been a documentary filmmaker for 30 years and has created an inspiring narrative of the history and unique perspective into the National Park Service with writer, co-producer and long-time partner Dayton Duncan. A private reception and screening of select highlights was viewed on September 25, 2009 at the Colorado School of Mines Student Recreation Center in Golden, Colo.

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